Please come on time or 15min early. We provide 15 min FREE for preparation or cleaning. Please inform us early if you prefer to come on time or early 15min. Please respect other client and did not make any noise because it will disturb other client.

– Our staff will only help you to set up for the 1st 15min. Other than that, the clients have to set up by their self. Additional fees RM50/hour is required if need our staff to be assisted.

– Leave the studio same as how you came.  Please clean the studio and put back the equipment/furniture as same as you came before you leave. Otherwise, there will have RM50-RM200 charges for cleaning services depending on how dirty it is.

– Due to having Muslim clients and staff, Dog & Piggy are not allowed. However, you may bring other pets such as cat, birds, hamster, etc.

– Yes. You have to pay for it if there’s any damage during the shoot. You have to be fully responsible for it.

– Our staff will take behind the scene picture/video for our record and marketing purpose. If you need a privacy, then you have to inform us early in order to avoid any miscommunication. Otherwise, we are allowed to take pictures/video of behind the scene.

– We count from the time you book or you enter. For example, if you rent at 8pm and you come at 9pm, we still count from 8pm. However, if you book at 8pm and you come at 7pm, we will count the rental from 7pm. Once we allocate the slot to you, we can’t give the slot to another.

– Please double check your belongings. We won’t responsible for any losses.

– Food is allowed as long it’s halal.

– No refund after the booking is confirmed.

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